This Man, This Monster (pgs. 16-20)

This section gets tediously wordy, I know. This was done before I did my Post-Graduate work at the IPRC, and learned all about the economics of "drawing words".  My policy is to let it stand, with a promise not to do it again.


  1. i don't know how you could have gotten the exposition needed without most of the verbiage. i guess i have the added benefit of imagining the characters being spoken in the character voices that we would jive around with back in 'the day'. i eagerly await the next installment at any rate. a books-on-tape version of this would be cool and would lend some color to the expository, perhaps.

  2. Thanks, Simeon. In fact that's exactly what I want to do; come up with an audio companion to this story.

  3. The pure feeling you get in the prayer scene stands out to me. I particularly enjoy the page 12 and the back and forth nature of the "surrender"--reminds of my first 3rd step, the feeling, you've got it!

    the joke, "the way out eh, I'll show you the way out!" had me laughing.

    great important work Ben. Inspiring.