Time For One More (pgs.7-12)

Time For One More (pgs.1-6)

Another piece of the C-town pickled punk puzzle. I drew these pages almost seven years ago. Temporary access to my own archives, thanks to my wonderful parents for storing my old art!  I was hangin' out up in the mountains of NC with my folks, so I thought I would scan this and post it (in 2 parts)> Thanks for reading.


The Spiritual Quest

How is it possible to have a character plummeting through the atmosphere without proliferating discursive thought for at least a few panels?

Ruffs of Quest


This Man, This Monster (pgs. 46-50)

Now I've "caught up with myself." I have 50 pages done of this thing, and there are something like 70 pages left to go. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, depending on how I handle the upcoming  delerium tremens scene. I'm going to try and keep the updates regular: if not once a week then at least three times a month hopefully.
But there wont be as much material per update. We'll see how it goes.
I have come to understand that I can't be a perfectionist, it doesn't work with comics. Just make sure its "good enough," then let it go. The reason is that it takes so much time just to tell the story I want to tell in comics that if I fuss over every page until I'm totally satisfied I will never get to finish it. For me, the idea of continuity in comics is a big part of what is keeping me interested in doing it. Not that I'm all that good at it. I seem to be too lazy to be bothered with things like consistency of appearance for a character from panel to panel. FUCK IT! (punk rock). Part of continuity (a word that has much broader significance for me than perhaps is alotted to it by definition) has to do with finishing things. I am determined to finish This Man, This Monster, not because I think its the greatest thing in the world or the best that I'm capable of, but just because I started it. There's integrity in seeing something through to completion, even if no one ever reads it. Even if its completely irrelevant, trivial, and speaks to no one. I'm not sure what's coming up around the corner, but at the very least we will most likely be facing some major inconveniences. Its incumbent upon me to keep on doing what I'm doing and moving along in this direction (on this "path") as though I were blissfully unaware, for as long as I can. Hell, this is supposed to be about co-creation, babies!