This Man, This Monster (pgs. 6-10)

Hoyo, Boyo! Say, here's the second five pages of Monster Man, or Crazy Monster Fellow, or whatever the hell its called. More to come next week.


This Man, This Monster

Hello, friends. I am finally back working on my "graphic novel" (though I hesitate to call it that) called THIS MAN, THIS MONSTER that I started in the summer of 2008. I plan to post five pages every week, at least until I catch up with myself. 48 pages are done or near done. Not sure the total number of pages yet, but it is long. I've been referring to it as the PILOT EPISODE, as it introduces many of the characters and themes that figure prominently in EXISTENTIAL DILEMMA COMICS. I now wish that I hadn't set such a daunting task for myself as this, but now I am determined to finish it. I may try to serialize it in upcoming zines, just to get it out quickly. Here are the first five pages. I'm not completely satisfied with this two-year-old work, but aside from a few minor corrections, I'm going to let them stand. I don't have the patience to go back and do them over again.


Complex Adaptive Fish Delivery Systems

Hello, friends. Here is another 5-pager that I did for Stumptown Underground.